INFOGRAPHIC: Can Travel Marketers Use LinkedIn?

Using LinkedIn for Travel and Tourism Marketing


As the LinkedIn network continues to grow, B2C companies are paying close attention to how they can use LinkedIn to reach consumers in order to promote personal/consumer purchases. Travel and tourism companies are especially interested as LinkedIn allows advertisers to target based on a number of criteria including company, job title, location and more.

Below is an infographic that shows many of the benefits of LinkedIn. Here are a few things to keep in mind when determining how your travel brand can target travelers on LinkedIn:
  • Business travelers are people too! Executives often bring spouses and family on business trips to exotic locations. While they may already have accommodation booked during part of their trip, they will likely extend their trip over the weekend to spend time with family.
    • If you know certain companies or associations are planning events, conferences or meetings in your location, you can target employees from those companies on LinkedIn.
    • Spouses and families tagging along will also want tours and excursions while their significant other is busy. Can you offer activities?
  • LinkedIn has incredible targeting! You likely already have information about your existing customers. How old are they? what do they do? where are they from?
    • Target similar audiences on LinkedIn (and Facebook) to find more potential customers.
  • Videos and photos create far more engagement! This applies to LinkedIn just like every other social media. (Info on increased shares below)
    • Ensure the images you use on LinkedIn really show your location and activity. The viewer should be able to see themselves enjoying your property or service. LinkedIn visitors may be focused on work and networking while using the site, but that doesn’t mean they can’t be persuaded. Show people how they can unwind, relax, spend time with family and even go on an adventure with their well-earned time off.
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Courtesy of: Quick Sprout