Anatomy of a Photo: Boys will be boys

Anatomy of a photo St. Peter's Bay Beach

What went into creating this photo?

This shot was done as a series of lifestyle images for a luxury villa community in the Caribbean.  It is used on their website and other sales materials to showcase the lifestyle owners can be a part of. Here are the key things we kept in mind when  creating this visual:

  1. Background
    Villas in the background connect the experience with the brand establishing a sense of place.
  2. Boys will be boys
    Without words, the viewer understands that the family friendly villas are on a beach safe for children to run free and explore.
  3. Just play
    The boys were instructed not to look into the camera and to just play like they normally would – tongues hanging out and all.
  4. Fresh fish
    We asked the fisherman to bring us his most colourful catch to keep the colour palette vibrant. Besides a fun thing for the kids, parents see easy access to fresh fish for an everyday dinner.