Struggling to Create Enough Visual Content? You Are Not Alone

If you’re feeling a little overwhelmed with creating the right visual content to fuel e-mail campaigns, digital ads, social media platforms and your website, take a deep breath. YOU ARE NOT ALONE.

39% of marketers profess to struggle with the most important components to creating a visual brand. We’re constantly being asked to help:

  • Create enough content for websites and other channels
  • Determine what content will resonate with potential customers

For most travel brands, marketers know what they SHOULD be doing. 86% of marketers agree that type of channel is important when selecting images to use in different marketing scenarios. It sounds so simple, but 78% of marketers agree that they are currently sharing the same images across most channels including their website, social media and more.

With a lack of available images and often very little tracking to understand how each image is performing, it’s hard to measure the impact of photos and ultimately whether they are driving travellers to book. Just 11% of marketers believe that their team is leveraging images “very effectively” across their marketing channels.

If you find yourself in the same boat, Digital Coconut can help. We specialize in creating enticing visual content and help to make you shine across all of your channels. Ultimately, our goal is to get you noticed and in turn drive more bookings and revenue for your travel brand.

To get a sense how your brand and marketing team stacks up, we’ve shown a couple of key slides from Curalate’s “The State of Visual Commerce” Market Study from September 2015.